Made in italy: culture, film, fashion & food 

Made-in-Italy: a concept, a brand, a lifestyle, a multimedia story. Multiple narratives embracing craftsmanship, tradition, innovation. Our Lab, an observatory in progress, was conceived and developed in courses on Italian culture that focus on the relationship between Made-in-Italy, the story of the nation, its poliedric identity, its cities and regions. Particular attention is devoted to fashion, design, food, cinema, all bound up with technology, the arts, the science of well being. Respecting the environment, human beings, work.  We dedicate our attention to these experiences as we journey to the beauty and the archives of personal and collective memory.

The initial focus of the MADE In Italy lab, is film.In a partnership with the Queens College Italian Studies department, the mission of IC-CUNY is to bring an appreciation of the cultural heritage of Italian cinema to the attention of a wider public and in the context of European and global cinema and media. IC-CUNY showcases the work of film directors past and present and encourages the sharing of insights and analysis about cinema and screen media. It spotlights the archives and work of scholars and professionals who contribute to the restoration of films and promotes the diffusion of these historical gems internationally. Contemporary films are an integral part of the IC-CUNY’s focus and an important element of IC-CUNY’s mission to create lively and ongoing exchange and dialogue between Italy and America.


For more information please visit IC-CUNY's site and the Made in italy lab.