italianist, Feminist & Fashion scholar

As well as being an Italianist and Professor of Women's Studies, Eugenia Paulicelli is an expert on the theory and history of fashion. She has created and also directs the first academic program on the interdisciplinary study of fashion, its cultures, history and industry, which is based at the CUNY Graduate Center, located in the B. Altman department store (Fashion in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies). She is also a member of the Doctoral Program in Comparative Literature and Women's Studies at the Graduate Center (PhD/MA in Comparative Literature Bio). Her interests are in literature and writing; gender studies; the history of women; the relationship between fashion, cities and media; nation building; cultural identities, technologies and bodies in process.



Exploring fashion from modern Italy to the Renaissance, Dr. Paulicelli's books examines the many political and social modes in which fashion operates. 


ic-cuny 2019

An educational project aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the art of Italian cinema from its origins to the present day.


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